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School-Family Compact & Policy

This compact outlines how parents and family members, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved academic achievement. It describes how the school will partner with parents to help students achieve the State of California’s high academic standards and recognizes the importance of communication between the school, teachers, and parents on an ongoing basis. 


As a student, I realize that my education is important to me. I will do my best to improve my academic success and achievement by: 

● Practicing the PBIS expectations by being safe, character-centered, and ready to learn. 

● Participating in class. 

● Reading after school each day. 

● Giving school communication to my family. 

● Attending school regularly and on time. 

● Being responsible for my own behavior. 


As a parent, I will support by child’s learning in the following ways: 

● Monitoring attendance and ensuring they are well-rested. 

● Monitoring homework completion. 

● Participating or volunteering as appropriate. 

● Communicating with my child’s teacher as needed. 

● Attending Parent/Teacher conferences. 

● Helping my child resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner. 

● Monitoring the use of extracurricular time, when applicable. 

● Participating in decisions related to my child’s education. 


As a school, we will empower students to meet the State’s academic achievement standards by: 

● Providing high quality curriculum and instruction. 

● Providing a safe, supportive, and effective learning environment. 

● Organizing Parent/Teacher conferences at least once per year. 

● Providing, at minimum, trimester reports to parents on their child’s progress. 

● Providing reasonable access to staff and the classroom. 

● Providing opportunities to volunteer and participate in school and classroom activities. 

● Striving to be aware of the individual needs of each child.

● Ensure meaningful communication with families in a language they understand, when practicable.